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Lee is a Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association (WABA) certified practitioner, a hydrotherapist, a yoga teacher (certified as a trauma-sensitive yoga facilitator) and holds a PhD in Marine Science. She is one of four WATSU practitioners in Australia.

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Water has always been a haven for me. A place for deep healing and quiet observation. As a sensitive kid, I experienced a whole world of spirit and awareness, but since my inner world never received acknowledgement from the adults that surrounded me, I felt that I must keep it all to myself. I would sit for hours on the beach longing for something I thought to be found over the sea. As I grew up, I went on many journeys around the world. I have travelled for years, surrendering to the desire to wander. I have dived many seas, climbed many mountains and walked far, as far as I could. Eventually, the mystical power of the water and the deep love and respect I have for the sea drew me to the study of marine biology. I thought then that I would explore the oceans, dive into great depths and continue to roam the world. I thought that if I kept the inner flame to myself it would suffice. And for a while, it did. I was researching corals around the globe, was amazed at the beauty and authenticity of nature and was thrilled with the freedom I was given. But over time, something inside me started to break. I felt like I was travelling too far, to reach inward. Even at sixty meters below sea level, it was impossible to escape that inner gravity. I knew my heart wanted to return home to the deepest wisdom within. To the simplest form of love. I practiced yoga, meditation, free-diving, and learned spiritual teachings of many kinds. I combined all these to distil my journey within but was still afraid to share my innermost being, lest I remain alone in the journey once again. And then one day I got to the pool, to get a WATSU session. There were no corals and dolphins, no colourful ceremonies or foreign languages, no waves, no storms, and no poetic words. There was only a deep silence. A vast void of therapeutic magic. The warmth of the water and the attentive support of the therapist brought me to complete relaxation. I felt as if I've come home. Today, I am a WATSU practitioner myself and am honoured to deliver this experience to anyone whose heart desires it.


In my work, I incorporate all tools I have learnt over the years; aquatic therapy, therapeutic bodywork & shiatsu, breathing techniques, yoga & meditation, trauma-sensitive bodywork and spiritual wisdom to allow the patient a safe space to let go.

Everyone is welcome. People who seek relief from physical, mental, emotional or energetic concerns, people who desire rest in the compassionate dimension of the water and people who wish to explore the power and quality of silence as a part of a learning process to living from the intrinsic wholeness.

Lee Eyal-Shaham

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there”


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